Randy Meador - February 14th

Fort Worth Watercolorist Randy Meador says he owes his art career to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  "While reading a Churchill biography in 1991, I stopped and meditated on his words, 'When I paint, nothing else exists.'  I wanted desperately to go there...regularly!"  The former marketer and speaker began painting that day.  Meador graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1985 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, but initially chose a different career course in a variety of businesses.  "I didn't want to be an artist or a writer.  They were always broke and as a general rule, kind of a sissy bunch.  But my pro-baseball career was cut short the first day of college tryouts, and my life as a rock star ended without a major label contract...but I love to create, so I continued to create businesses."

Randy's advice?  "Watercolor panting is a lot like herding hamsters with a unicycle.  There are lots of little critters to control simultaneously and only one brush with which to do it...and plenty of obstacles. ...Start your painting by screwing it up...intentionally.  Holding a brush loaded with a color you have chosen for your painting over the white paper, simply fling the paint at the surface without concern for the drawing or subject.  You won't believe the freedom that results from the knowing that your potential masterpiece is lost. ..You ultimately may not like the painting when you're 'finished', but I promise there will be something on that paper that will make you stop and study.  You'll think aloud, 'Wow, look at that.  How'd I do that?'  Sure, it's not what you had planned; the farmer's face is green and the golden retriever is the splitting image of a constipated hyena...but look at the side of the barn! ...Look at you...you're a genius!"

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